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Custom Homemade Pillows
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These Custom Homemade Pillows are
Approx. 12" X 12"  (From Top Corner 
to Top Corner)(Before Filling) Since it is difficult to measure something 
that puffs out so much, we use the measurements Pre-Filled

They Are Filled with Love...
and The Original Poly-Fill (A Premium Polyester Fiber-Fill)
Materials are  Cotton/Cotton-Blend/Polyester

Please use Caution with Children and Animals
Washing - Washable but we recommend hand-washing 
with a neutral detergent in cold water. 
No hard scrubbing. Air dry

$15.00 Each with FREE Shipping
​Many Designs to choose from. LIMITED Quantity. (Images may vary slightly from one to another).


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Corn bag Microwavable Massage Heat Cold Cool Sore Muscle Relax Soothing Therapy

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Estimated Delivery 4-10 Days
Image may vary Slightly from one to another

OUR Homemade Cornbags Are Double Walled and Double Stitched and Filled With 2 lbs (Approx) 
of Natural Deer/Feed Corn. They Measure Approx. 15" Long by 6 1/2" Wide. Made From
​Cotton/Cotton-Blend Material.

OUR Natural Corn Bags Are Microwavable Heating Pads And Reusable Cold Packs 
Neck Aches, Backaches, Migraines, Arthritis, Bursitis, Insomnia, Sinusitis, 
Earaches, Menstrual Cramps, TMJ, Colic, General Muscle Pain, Flu, 
Fibromyalgia, Stress, Warming Your Car Seat, Coat Pockets, Warm Feet In Bed, 
Stress, And Other Pain Related Issues Due to allergies, 

We do NOT add any Essential Oils or Herbs or Chemicals. 

We use cleaned corn (sometimes referred to as deer corn or feed corn). 
It Does have a Slight Corn Feed Farm Smell. This corn is naturally 
cracked open at the bottom and is unlikely to pop open when heated. 
It is normal however to possibly hear an occasional pop when heating, 
this is just a kernel that did not open releasing the steam from being heated.
Images may Vary Slightly We Have Several More Different Images/Designs 
Available on our Website. 

As With Anything that is Hot or Cold USE Caution. 
Keep Away from Children/Pets/Animals.

We Are A Family Owned And Operated
​Business (EST. 2016)

We Are NOW Exclusively ONLINE.

Committed To Bringing You Quality Products At Discounted Prices

$25.00 Each with FREE Shipping
​Many Designs to choose from. LIMITED Quantity. (Images may vary slightly from one to another).

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