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BIG News for 2017.

We are Moving Forward with our Plans of continuing to Buy and Sell Products. To Become A Supplier of Products to Stores. As well as Continuing our Other Businesses. So We will be Closing our Store BUT Continuing to sell Products Under The Bargain Page name and moving forward with becoming a Supplier. We Also have Other Businesses in the works, We will concentrate our time on and Continue to GROW All of our Businesses.

2017 and the end of 2016 Has been Very Very Good to us.

It has enabled Us to start not just 1 but 3 Businesses and Venture out in to Other Avenues as Well. 

WE NOW Buy and Sell Merchandise from and to Individuals as Well as Businesses.

Some Products Will be Available on  EBAY and AMAZON.  We Also Opened up a SQUAREUP Store as Well.

We Appreciate All of our Customers and Supporters who have Helped Make this All Possible.

Look for Us in 2017 We Will Be  THERE!!

We Have Many Products - Including

Cosmetics, Clothing, Electronics, Housewares, Toys, Tools And More

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